The Divide – 05/04/03

Interview menée par « The Divide », fansite qui n’existe plus aujourd’hui. Mais vous pouvez les retrouver sur leurs forums.

The Divide – 05/04/03


My answers are very short, because I can’t really give too much away at this stage. When we’re ready to divulge more – after E3, probably – we will. And at that point I’ll be happy to answer a few more questions, if you have any, and I promise to use more than three words per answer 😉



1. What can you tell us about the main character, aside from it being a female ?

She’s shorter than me, younger than me, and much, much prettier.

2. What the interface of TLJ2 is going to be ? Will it be the same classic point’n’click or keyboard interface ?

Neither. Well, you point your mouse and you click. But that’s where the similarities end.

3. How many years are we expected to wait ?

As long as it takes.

4. What or who convinced Funcom to make a sequel ? Was it you or somebody / something else ?

God told me to. (Also, the fans were demanding it.)

5. Are you going to continue the mythological stories that don’t relate to the main quest? Like, would there be more scriptures to read, optionally?

Most likely.

6. Is your decision to cut down on dialogue final ? Many people liked tons of dialogue, and now you’re going to disappoint them ?

Yes. No. They won’t be disappointed.

7. Are there going to be first-person perspective or action elements in the sequel ?

Third person perspective.

8. Is there a possibility of more than one playable character ?

Absolutely, definitely, yes.

9. Are you trying to change the formula used for TLJ1 as you have hinted at in your journal? First with the dialogue and now with these suggestions about a fully 3D TLJ2, what should we expect? Will there be more modifications like this?


10. How do you plan on getting new vocal talent for the game?

We will ask them very, very nicely.

11. Will scenes (backdrops) be full realtime with a (semi-)fixed camera or prerendered assets like the original?

Realtime semi-fixed three-dee.

12. If assuming the graphics are radically improved, should we await some harsh system requirements ?

A good PC today will be able to run the game fine.

13. Can we expect any familiar, returning characters besides April ?


14. What is the setting of TLJ2 ? Will it be Stark/Arcadia, united world, or something entirely original ?

Both. But I’m not saying which ones.

15. Somewhere you said that while the swearing won’t be a noticable factor in TLJ2, the sexual thematics are going to become what swearing was for TLJ 1. So does that mean we’ll have nudity or something radical for adventures in TLJ2 ?


16. Well, maybe this a little bit far-fetched, but is April Ryan lady Alvane ?

I’ve thought long and hard about how to answer this, and I’ve decided to let everybody in on the secret…

…in the next game. Maybe.

17. Will TLJ2 be linear like the first one or have many subplots? ( which could make the game much longer)

It will have subplots, but it will be a shorter game.

18. If TLJ is set in Stark/Arcadia universe, can we expect more underground and urban locations ?


19. Will there be more difficult puzzles related to gameplay, since the original game’s puzzles were pretty easy ?

Not everyone thought the game was easy. We’ll strike a good balance between challenge and frustration.

20. TLJ 1 had a lot of humor. Would you say TLJ 2 isn’t gonna disappoint us in this department ?

There will be funnies, but also weepies.


27 janvier 2013